Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kaitlin Baker's How Children Learn to Read

I really like this article for the fact that it explains all aspects of reading for children. This gives insight and an overview of what reading is all about. This article would be great for anyone to review and read, especially for parents and teachers, because it explains in great detail the different areas of reading and what they entail, how we can help our children/students become better readers and get them to comprehend what they are reading, and the things we can do to help a child with a LD in reading and the things we can look for if we are not sure if our children/students have an LD. This whole article really lays it out there and allows someone with even the slightest knowledge in this area to have a great understanding about reading, and what we should do with our children. This is something I can always look back on when working with children with learning disabilities in reading so that I can give them the best help and understanding and allow them to learn the correct way, so that they can learn and be able to do it right the first time.

I watched the video "Reading and the Brain-Reading and Dyslexia". It was interesting. It explained how frustrating reading is for those with Dyslexia. It was interesting when the mother in the video said that people look at those with Dyslexia like they are 'dumb' but she knew when she was younger that she wasn't dumb, but that she was actually very smart, she just couldn't read. I can imagine how upsetting and frustrating this would be for someone, especially when you look at words and have no idea what they actually are; it's just a big mess of 'stuff' on paper. It was also interesting how they showed the brain and the different ways it works from a brain with Dyslexia and a normal functioning brain. I enjoyed this because it shows us that there is help and hope for anyone with a learning disability, and that no one should feel dumb because they are unable to read because there are many people out there who are feeling the same. Once you are correctly taught and able to understand that "mess of stuff" that you didn't understand before, school and reading can be fun!


  1. The video you watched sounds similar to the one I watched, but with more facts. I think it's sad to think that individuals who have dyslexia see themselves as stupid. They just need more encouragement! I think it's great that these individuals can accomplish so many great things in life!

  2. I watched the video Ben but I may have to go back and watch the film you saw. I love when they talk about brain functioning. It is always so interesting.

    The article on reading was also a great layout. Overall that website has a TON of resources it seems on LD. It is also very easy to read and straight forward. I definitely agree about it being a good site for parents because of this. I know if I had a child with a LD I would be sifting it for new information constantly!

    Very nice blog posting!